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Trifid Nebula

Staking system

Nebula Expeditions are limited-time events for players to start exploring and discovering treasure in the Apeiron godiverse by staking NFTs and tokens.

Through staking, players will be able to channel Luminous Vapor, the light-infused dust that makes up the nebulae. The more Luminous Vapor you manage to accrue, the more power you’ll be able to use to supercharge your Avatars and Apostles to blast into the great beyond and unlock the nebula’s hidden treasure!

how to Stake

Planet Selection

Under this section, you select the planets you stake. Do remember that Purity and Exordium comes into play. Higher purity = more vapor while Exordium is a multiplier.

Apostle Selection

Origin Apostles plays the role as extra vapor boosters. An Apostle has the same vapor as a Quad Elemental Exordium planet. But it was mentioned in an AMA that the Warrior Apostle might yield more.


There are two kinds of nebulas, Reward and Event. Event expeditions will require you to buy keys before staking to be able to earn chests and you'll be able to purchase them during this phase.

Expedition Start

You'll be able to see an overview of your staked assets, keys and vapor accrued. A button to check the vapor leaderboard is available as well.

Nebula Expeditions

Hidden Lagoon Nebula

Type: Reward Expedition
Chest: Foonie Emblems
Keys: Not required.
Duration: 7 Days

Trifid Nebula
Trifid Nebula

Type: Event Expedition
Chest: Mini Black Hole
Keys: Chaotic Keys.
Duration: 14 Days

Moonstone Nebula

Type: Reward Expedition
Chest: Luna Fragment
Keys: Not required.
Duration: 14 Days

Drakehead Nebula

Type: Event Expedition
Chest: Star NFT
Keys: Cosmos Keys.
Duration: 30 Days

Doodvin's Expedition notes

  • Formula for winning chance = Player’s vapour/total number of vapour x total number of treasure x modifier value.
  • Vapour accrued for each expedition will stay in that sole expedition (FE or mBH). If you didn’t win any chests on either expedition, they will not add together but instead- will stay there until the next similar expedition starts.
  • Cosmetics chest will be available in Nebula Expedition in the future!
  • For planet breeding, it’s possible to increase breed count via RINGU (Competitive Token).
  • Vapour generated will be shown in UI to show how much vapour is needed for guaranteed chest rewards – You cannot add any more assets to a team that is already staked.
  • Apostles will generate roughly the same as an Elemental Exordium.
  • USDC or WETH will be used to purchase keys but will change to APRS in the future.
  • Vapor Formula: (Core type Value + Bloodline Value + (Number of Apostles x Single Apostle Vapor)) x (Planet Type Weight = Planet Floor Price x  Percentage of Existing Type of Planets) – This is just an assumption.
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