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primeval planets

The progenitors of all of the other planets across the many galaxies of Apeiron.

Owning one of Apeiron’s Primeval Planets, you’ll have an opportunity to define the texture and nature of the entire godiverse moving into the future.

Primeval Exordium

Primeval planets are split into 4 tiers with different prices but all have access to similar benefits such as airdrop events and discounted breeding costs. Higher tier has higher reward multiplier.

  • Only 1398 minted
  • Tri – 70% chance
    Quad – 30% chance
  • Primeval Godling Discord tag
  • Only 1238 minted
  • Tri – 70% chance
    Quad – 18% chance
    Duo – 9% chance
    Pure – 1% chance
  • Mythic & Primeval Godling Discord tag
  • Only 677 minted
  • Tri – 68% chance
    Duo – 30% chance
    Pure – 2% chance
  • Arcane & Primeval Godling Discord tag
  • Only 373 minted
  • Duo – 90% chance
    Pure – 10% chance
  • Divine & Primeval Godling Discord tag
  • Only 14 minted
  • Pure – 100% chance
  • Access to special Discord channels
  • Primal & Primeval Godling Discord tag

Pure Elemental

Double Elemental

Tri Elemental & Quad

Archetypes, Boons & Perks


Earth Element is a natural defender, having skills to boost health and defence, while applying shields to its ally. It also has aggressive skills to disable enemies by stunning and rooting them, with utility spells to spawn forests for some interesting battle dynamics.

Avatars with predominantly Earth skills might look to complement their innate tankiness and crowd control abilities (CC) by bringing Apostles that need some protection but have high damage potential — the Mage or the Summoner, for example. OR you could go in the other direction and bring some Warriors and Guardians for a team that is just extremely hard to break down.


Water Element excels in magical power. With substantial cooldown reduction and versatile magical skills, it offers both sustainable damage to enemies and support to allies.

Avatars with predominantly Water skills offer a lot of different deckbuilding possibilities, given that they can either act as supports for an aggressively slanted frontline of Knights, Rogues, and Dragoons, or as the primary damage dealer protected by Guardians, Knights, and Warriors. Conversely, you could utilize the cooldown reduction and bring along some Shamans and Bards to start spamming powerful skills at a higher rate.


Fire Element is raging and destructive. With a collection of AOE damaging skills, enemies turn into ashes in a glimpse, even if it sometimes means sacrificing allies…

Avatars with predominantly Fire skills will certainly bring the pain to the opponent, but at what cost? You could offset the friendly-fire AoE damage by bringing Priests and Guardians to heal and survive through the onslaught. On the other hand, you could lean into the danger and bring along some Berserkers, who thrive on low health, for a high risk, high reward strategy!


Air Element pursues speed. Faster movement, faster attack, faster to stampede the enemies. While it is too fast for the opponent to respond, the controller also has to be quick enough to handle all of the game actions.

Avatars with predominantly Air skills are fast moving but will require good micro and targeting of abilities to have their maximum effect on the battlefield. These skills are more challenging for players to master, but will reward those who spend the time to learn them. Given that players will be spending their time during battle maneuvering their Avatar, they may wish to select easier to use Apostles, such as the Warrior or the Hunter, who can mostly take care of themselves.


Boons are special passives and energized abilities associated with each Avatar type and class that offer powerful effects for you to build around. Each of the passive Boons are linked with a Planet type, while the energized Boons are defined by the Avatar’s class. Here are some examples of passive Boons for different planet types:

  • WastelandWaste Warrior Glare — Deal increased damage to immobilized targets.
  • DeltaRiver Run — After casting an Avatar Skill, the Avatars next movement within a certain range executes in the form of a Blink.
  • GigasTitanic Might — Whenever an Apostle, ally or foe, dies within a certain range of the Avatar, the host gains bonus max HP, as well as an increased size, capping at double the Avatar’s original size.

Perks are another set of passives — but rather than being unlocked automatically, these are unlocked by investing elemental points. Elemental points are gained through leveling up your Avatar, and are spent on unlocking and improving different perks — up to 20 elemental points can be spent upgrading the effects of each perk. Perks are divided between the four elemental skill trees of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

There are 8 perks to unlock for each elemental skill tree. Multiple Perks may be used at the same time in battle. Let’s take a look at some of the different perks from the Fire tree:

  • Ignited Savagery (Fire Perk Level 2) — The Avatar’s skills ignore a % of enemies’ defense and resistance.
  • Burning Fury (Fire Perk Level 4) — The Avatar gains a stack of Burning Fury every 30 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Each stack grants the Avatar a % of their ATK as a bonus.
  • Blazing Pride (Fire Perk Level 6) — Discard actions now cost an amount of the Avatar’s flat HP rather than Mana.
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