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We are your guide!

Astariste, Doodvin, and the rest of the Apeiron Abridged cult gang are here to help guide you throughout the godiverse! We try to collect all available information and serve ’em up in bite-sized pieces!

If ever you find it lacking or we’re missing information don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Discord or e-mail us at!

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Primary NFTs



  • Apeiron’s primary NFT and you need to own at least one to play the game.
  • Gives you access to both of the game’s game modes but the battle mode will only be accessible after unlocking your planet’s avatar.
  • Has access to the following features: Celestial Conjuctiontion, Nebula Expedition, and Chronomerging.


  • Apeiron’s land NFT.
  • Apeiron’s Star NFTs are equivalent to land in other projects.
  • Owning multiple stars under the same constellation will unlock Zodiacs or constellation buffs that will give benefits to all planets orbiting your stars.

Spirit Core

  • Not much is known about the Spirit Core NFT except that it’s a custom profile NFT which can be a result of collaborations from other projects or event reward NFTs.
  • It will replace the hand cursor you see in the Godgame mode demo.
  • No news of release date.

Secondary NFTs

Apostle NFT


  • Aka your battle pets and are obtainable through dungeons, endless dungeons and events.
  • Has an initial pool of 12 different classes.
Relic NFT


  • These can refer to apostles as well but is a better way to describe natural wonders that spawn in your planet which can be minted and sold on the marketplace.
  • Different relics spawn depending on the planet’s elemental distribution.


  1. Planet NFT - Only one needed to play the game. Initial Supply: 4586 | Current Supply: 3700. Available utilities: Customization, Play & Earn, Play to Craft NFT, Scholarship, Esports.

  2. Origin Apostles - Not to be confused with regular Apostles obtained in game. These are collectibles that offer various rewards depending on the number of unique NFTs held.

  3. Star NFT - Apeiron's Land version. The core of your solar system where you can install planets in its orbit to gain passive buffs. Available utilities: Customization, Logo/Personalization, Play & Earn

  4. Spirit Core NFT - Apeiron's Profile Picture NFT. Replaces your default EDEN cursor with a custom one. No knows buffs/passive bonuses yet.

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