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Good god, bad god?

Every action and decisions made will affect your gameplay experience. Which path are you going for?

A good god or an evil god?​

The alignment system is just one of the many factors that make Apeiron a unique and refreshing game.

Godgame Mode

godgame mode

"Unleash the god within"

  • Taking care of your planet and its residents. Including-but-not-limited-to providing food, rain, shelter, catastrophes, and even Armageddon.
  •  There are 15 Elemental Distributions meaning each planet has different biomes. So if you have a planet with no water you might need to consistently provide rain for your Doods.
  • You can “breed” aka Celestial Conjunction, a planet with another planet and owning 3 planets can provide an unlimited breeding cycle. Why do you need more planets? Who knows.
  • Earn and own NFTs that “grow” in your planet such as Skill Cards, Avatar Cosmetics and Relics. These relics can be bought and sold on the marketplace and can be installed in your planet if you have enough relic slots. Like a water well relic for your Inferno planet maybe? Besides relics, your planets can also spawn cosmetics appropriate to your planet’s avatar class.
  • Each planet comes with it’s own dungeon where you can unlock more Apostles. The deeper you go in the dungeon the stronger Apostles you can get. There are chances you can get an Epic grade Apostle as well!
Eden, Alignment, Armageddon, Relic & Rewards
  • EDEN – The UI for casting “Miracles”and contains the four traditional elements. You’ll start with one element and slowly unlock the rest as you progress. Combine elements to create new Miracles like Air + Water = Ice. Repeated use or discovering new Miracles will unlock new objects and skill cards. Resetting your planet will also level up your EDEN (aka your Account)

  • ALIGNMENT – You can choose to reset your planet’s progress in exchange for ANIMA or Soul Gems which are used to level up your Spirit Core to gain bonuses.

    Armageddon Methods: Rapture – long-term bonuses but fewer SGs or Sacrifice – just a large amount of SGs.

  • RELICS & REWARDS – Obtainable rewards are; Soul Gems, Apostles, Planetary Wonders and ANIMA Token.
    Relics such as apostles and planetary wonders can be re-minted into NFTs during Armageddon in exchange for some APRS tokens. These NFTs can be used on your next planetary cycle or sold on the marketplace.
aging & Chronomerging
  • PLANET AGE – Aging your planet is very important as it unlocks Relic Slots. Apostles are also relics and will take up slots. Other relics include equipment, skill cards, cosmetics and rare Planetary Wonders. These can be lost upon reset unless you mint them into NFTs during Armageddon. (Minted NFTs can be sold on the Marketplace)

  • CHRONOMERGING – For the planet to reach Adult you’ll need it to reach 1000 days in age… or almost 3 years. The way to bypass that long and arduous stage you’ll need to do so through a process called Chronomerging. To put it simply, it’s like feeding your main planet with a sacrificial planet to increase its age. Base Planet Age + Sacrificial Planet Age = New Planet Age, the sacrificial planet will be burned into the abyss including progression.

battle Mode

battle mode

"Active Real Time Strategy"

  • Apeiron’s Battle Mode is an ART (Active Real Time) strategy game that was inspired by the games: Slay the Spire, Clash Royale, and even some bits of Smash Bros. It involves two NFTs, your Avatar (a controllable manifestation of your PlanetNFT) and ApostleNFTs.
Player Versus Environment [PVE]​

■ Dirac Sea (Local Dungeon) – When your account reaches a certain level you will unlock your planet’s dungeon. The dungeon’s existing levels with be lost and generate new ones upon Armageddon.

■ Manifolds of Dirac Sea (Galactic Endless Dungeon) – Higher floor, better rewards.

■ Dungeon Worlds (Scattered Dungeons) – Randomly pops up around the godiverse, kind of like your RPG side-quests with their own lore and rewards.

Player versus Player [PVP]​
■Hourglass Coliseum – 1v1 PvP with your Avatar + Apostle team.

■ Has a seasonal leaderboard where rewards will be distributed at the end of each season.

■ It was mentioned that there will be conditional tournaments in the future (e.g. certain skill cards are banned or special battlefields).
Endgame: Alliances, Esports, and Seasonal Content

■  As the player builds up their worlds and develops a team of Avatars, each with their own powerful Combat Decks and supporting Apostles, they can consider joining an Alliance. An Alliance will allow them to join forces with other dedicated Godlings to tackle endgame content such as World Boss raids. They will want to do so, since defeating these World Bosses will unlock new Seasonal Content.

Each season will come with the release of a new Mythological Galaxy. After defeating the Guardian World Boss raid, the content will be unlocked for everyone: this will include new Skill Cards, Apostles, Equipment, and Worlds to explore!

■  In addition to raiding, Alliances will also support players to join epic GvG battles – grand skirmishes with hundreds of players fighting off against each other in a huge and chaotic melee where only one side can come out standing!
■  Finally, for those who have reached the top-tier of individual and team play, we will be hosting esports tournaments to give these players the chance to fight for prizes, honor, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Battle design

battle deisgn

Battle Info
  • AVATAR — Fully controllable, and the most important unit on the battlefield — loss of the Avatar means losing the battle.

  • BATTLE TEAM — A full team consists of one Avatar and up to four Apostles.

  • BATTLE DECK — A combination of skill cards from the Avatar and Apostles. Each unit is able to bring 3 skill cards into battle, resulting in a 15 card deck (3 skill cards for Avatar, 12 for the four Apostles).

  • APOSTLES — Semi-controllable units that assist Avatar. Will move and auto-attack on their own, but will respond to players using skills.

  • Deployment Phase — Draw 4 cards from a shuffled deck. Position units strategically on your half of the battlefield

    In PvP, you can see the enemy team composition, but not position.

  • Battle Phase — Lasts for a maximum of 6 minutes. Cards in hand are played by spending mana. Issue move and attack commands for your Avatar while timing skills.

  • End Phase — The end of the battle will happen when either the opposing Avatar is dead OR the timer counts down to zero.

    If the timer counts down to zero, the team with the higher health Avatar wins!


  • Mana
    • Enables you to use skill cards and shared by all your units.
    • Start with 5 and a maximum of 10.
    • Regenerates at 0.5/sec and doubles to 1/sec once battle hits half-time.

  • Energy
    • Enables unit to auto-cast a special ability once bar hits 100.
    • Auto attacks gain 10 energy per hit.
    • 20% of damage received is converted into energy (max of 50 energy).
  • Deck/Skill Cards
    • Consists of 3 to 15 cards and can hold up to 4 cards on hand at a time.
    • Cards are shuffled at the start of each battle and the next card is visible on the draw pile.
    • You can choose the discard a card at the cost of 1 mana.

  • Apostle Death and Respawn
    • Cards from dead apostles will be disabled until respawn.
    • Apostles will be revived after spending a certain amount of mana.
Primary Stats
  • Health [Health Points]

  • Attack [Basic Attack]

  • Attack Speed [Basic Attack/Second]

  • Intelligence [Magic Damage]

  • Defense
    [Damage Modifier = 100 / (Defense + 100)]

  • Resistance [Defence but for Magic DMG]

* Note: Most skill cards scale with primary stats, but some perks and passives could improve secondary stats.
Secondary Stats
  • Attack Range

  • Movement

  • Critical Chance [Triggered via Basic Attack]

  • Critical Damage [% of ATK, Base of 150%]

  • Tenacity [Reduce Crowd Control Duration]

  • Health Regeneration

  • Energy Regeneration

  • Vamp [%Heal via Damage Done]

doodaria faqs

doodaria faqs

Commonly used terms
  • DOODS – Adorable (yet dumb) yellow creatures are your planet’s inhabitants. Also, a term used to define users who enter the Apeiron Discord server.

  • BOODS – Doods but evil. Tainted by the God of Chaos (lore), they seek to spread boodiness across the Godiverse.

  • AVATAR – The manifestation of your PlanetNFT, enables you to walk alongside your doods and fight in battles.

  • APOSTLES – Doods but with job classes (and a bit bigger). They’re the so-called chosen ones and can be obtained in dungeons.

  • FOONIE EMBLEMS – Event reward NFTs that can be used to trade for other Apeiron rewards/NFTs.

  • GODLINGS – PlanetNFT holders.
How To earn
  • BREEDING – Users need one PlanetNFT to access the game so breeding a lot of planets will help you earn before and after the game launch.

  • AGING & SELLING – There’s a game mechanic called Chronomerging where you sacrifice a planet to age another. Older planets are stronger as they will be able to equip more Relics (Apostles).

  • PLANETNFT RENTALS (Scholarship) – Lend PlanetNFT to other players and share profits.

  • ORBITAL TRACK RENTAL – Since older planets are stronger you can rent your empty StarNFT tracks to others for USDC.

  • SELLING RELIC NFTS – (Demo) Sell Apostles minted during Season 2 of the Battle Demo. (Launch) Mint Relics and Apostles are obtained during gameplay and sell on the marketplace.
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