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Dynamic Card battle

Apeiron’s battle system is a variation of a card auto-battler. You’ll take control of your Avatar, while your Dood Apostles will fight around you. Key to the flow of the fight will be using your skill cards.

Precisely controlling the timing and position of these skills during the chaos of battle is what will separate the victor from the defeated!

Battle Info​
  • The Avatar — Fully controllable, and the most important unit on the battlefield — loss of the Avatar means losing the battle.

  • Apostles — Semi-controllable units that assist Avatar. Will move and auto-attack on their own, but will respond to players using skills.

  • Battle Team — A full team consists of one Avatar and up to four Apostles.

  • Battle Deck — A combination of skill cards from the Avatar and Apostles. Each unit is able to bring 3 skill cards into battle, resulting in a 15 card deck (3 skill cards for Avatar, 12 for the four Apostles).
Battle Phase
  • Deployment Phase
    1. Draw 4 cards from shuffled deck
    2. Position units strategically on your half of the battlefield
    3. In PvP, you can see the enemy team composition, but not position

  • Battle Phase
    1. Lasts for a maximum of 6 minutes
    2. Cards in hand are played by spending mana
    3. Issue move and attack commands for your Avatar while timing skills

  • End Phase
    1. The end of the battle will happen when either the opposing Avatar is dead OR the timer counts down to zero.
    2. If the timer counts down to zero, the team with the higher health Avatar wins!

Battle mechanics

  • Mana
    • Enables you to use skill cards and shared by all your units.
    • Start with 5 and a maximum of 10.
    • Regenerates at 0.5/sec and doubles to 1/sec once battle hits half-time.

  • Energy
    • Enables unit to auto-cast a special ability once bar hits 100.
    • Auto attacks gain 10 energy per hit.
    • 20% of damage received is converted into energy (max of 50 energy).
  • Deck/Skill Cards
    • Consists of 3 to 15 cards and can hold up to 4 cards on hand at a time.
    • Cards are shuffled at the start of each battle and the next card is visible on the draw pile.
    • You can choose the discard a card at the cost of 1 mana.

  • Apostle Death and Respawn
    • Cards from dead apostles will be disabled until respawn.
    • Apostles will be revived after spending a certain amount of mana.

    Note: Most skill cards scale with primary stats, but some perks and passives could improve secondary stats.

    [Health Points]
    Attack Range
    [Basic Attack]
    Attack Speed
    [Basic Attack/Second]
    Critical Chance
    [Triggered via Basic Attack]
    [Magic Damage]
    Critical Damange
    [% of ATK, Base of 150%]
    [Damage Modifier = 100 / (Defence + 100)]
    [Reduce Crowd Control Duration]
    [Defence but for Magic DMG]
    Health Regeneration
    Energy Regeneration
    [%Heal via Damage Done]

    When you go into battle, you’ll bring your Avatar and four Apostles from your collection to create your Combat Deck. One of the most fun parts of building your deck is trying out various synergies and combos to dominate the battlefield! Here are some examples of potential team compositions and decks:

    Deck #1 - Way of Water

    Avatar Planet Type: Leviathan — Crushing Blows — The Avatar deals x% increased damage to immobilized (CC’d) targets.

    Key Avatar Skill: Nightmarish Bubble — Water Tier 2 Skill/The Wisdom — Shoots a bubble of nightmare in the target direction that deals x magic damage to the first enemy hit, fearing and slowing them by 65% for 2 seconds.

    Apostles Key Skills:

    Warrior – Slamma Jamma — After 2s, the Caster flails its weapon in a cone in the target direction, dealing [x](+75%ATK) physical damage to enemies hit and knocking them up for 0.5s. If any of the enemies are slowed or stunned, they take double damage instead. Damage dealt to Avatar increases to 150%.

    Dragoon – Thar She Blows — Throws the spear in the target direction, dealing X magic damage to the first enemy hit, then pulling them towards his direction for 3 units, slowing them by 90% for 1 second.

    Berserker – Ultimate Uppercut — Performs a vertical punch from bottom, dealing 100 physical damage to all nearby enemies and stunning and knocking them up for 1 second.

    Knight – CHAAARGE! — Charges to the target enemy, dealing 80 physical damage and stunning for 1.5 seconds. All enemies along the way took the same amount of damage and knocked back.

    Explanation: This deck looks to leverage Warrior’s powerful “Slamma Jamma” Skill as well as our Avatar’s “Crushing Blows” Boon to deal massive damage to CC’d enemies. All of our team – including our Avatar – has ways to stun or slow, making it trivial to set up for our Warrior and Avatar to dish out the pain in a massive wombo-combo. Additionally, as our team are all tanky melee types, we’re looking to charge into the fray and upset enemy formations with our innate survivability.

    Deck #2 - Blink Midrange

    Avatar Planet Type: Delta — River Run — After casting an Avatar Skill, the Avatars next movement within a certain range executes in the form of a Blink.

    Key Avatar Skill: Snowball of DOOM — Water Tier 1 Skill/The Fate — Throws a snowball to the target enemy, dealing [x] physical damage. The snowball then falls near the target after 1 second, where it remains for up to 4 seconds. Upon retrieving the snowball, the Avatar summons a Snow Thrall Apostle, while also granting the Avatar a shield equivalent to 20% of the Avatar’s max HP for 3 seconds. If the snowball kills the target, it bounces back to the top of your deck.

    Apostles Key Skills:

    Guardian – I’m Coming! — Dashes to the ally with the lowest HP in range, prioritizing the Avatar, and shields both for [60](+20%INT) for 3s.

    Summoner – Ready, Yeti, Go! – Summon an Ice Yeti. Enemies around the Spirit are slowed for 20%. Ice Spirit Stats Health: 220 ATK: 25 Attack Speed: 0.7 Range: 1

    Priest – Puddle o’ Healing — Creates a zone at the target location for 10s, healing all allies for [10](+15% INT) HP within the area every second.

    Knight – Tough as Nails — Hardens the armor, shielding the caster for 150DEF that lasts for 5 seconds. After the shield breaks, shields all allies for the same amount.

    Explanation: This is more of a midrange build – which means it has a little of everything, giving it the flexibility to adapt to whatever the enemy is bringing to the table. We start with a neat synergy between our Avatar Planet Type and Key Skill – after we cast Snowball of DOOM, we can use our passive River Run to blink to wherever the snowball lands, letting us consistently summon a Snow Thrall Apostle to our side. As this may leave our Avatar exposed among enemy combatants, our Apostles play supporting roles: the Guardian and Knight both help to shield our Avatar, the Priest heals, and the Summoner – while the attention is elsewhere – makes even more summons to overwhelm our opponent!

    Deck #3 - Glass Cannon

    Avatar Planet Type: Oasis — Lifestealing Water — The Avatar has 25% Vamp, and its basic attack ignore 25% target’s DEF.

    Key Avatar Skill: Rising Sun Slash — Fire Tier 1 Skill/The Fury — Slashes the area around the caster, dealing [x] magic damage to enemies within, then jumps to the target location, and deals the same amount of damage to enemies hit on impact and slowing them by 60%.

    Apostles Key Skills:

    Dragoon – Whack! — The Caster strikes its target, dealing physical damage and healing itself for 150(+50%INT) HP.

    Mage – Starcaller — Calls down 10 Meteors over 5s that randomly strike over the target area, each dealing [60](+50%INT) magic damage.

    Shaman – Mandated Chill Out – Applies rooted, disarmed and silenced to on the caster and targeted enemy Apostle for 5s.
    Bard – Encore! – When this is drawn, it transforms into a copy of random card in your hand. Cost and effect will be the same. When this is in hand, it transforms into the last card you play. Cost and effect will be the same.

    Explanation: This is an interesting glass cannon build – glass cannon because we’re bringing a lot of potential damage, but not that much frontline. We rely on our Avatar to hold the line alongside the survivalist Dragoon, supporting themselves with their lifestealing Skills while our backline threats pump out the damage. The Dragoon is actually key to our strategy, as he can either go forward aggressively or play more defensively as the situation requires. Meanwhile, the Shaman locks down enemies for our Mage to annihilate with powerful spells. The Bard gives us utility: more of whatever we need to let the Mage do the dirty work.

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