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Unlock your inner god and join the godiverse
through our scholarship program!


be an academian!

Stay ahead of the game by gaining access to the best doods in the Godiverse!

Unlock your potential and achieve your goals through the support and guidance of the academy!

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What's an Apeiron Scholarshiip?

Apeiron is a play-and-earn game where you take the role of a god, starting from an early stage and building your planet’s civilization over time. The goal of the game is to progress as quickly as you can while maximizing the benefits of collecting your planet’s best resources and turning them into tradeable NFTs.

Apeiron also has another game mode where you fight enemies in dungeons or fight players in an arena. The player can earn through reaching higher ranks in the PvP leaderboards or clearing the dungeon depths.
The battle mode is an ARTS (Active Real Time Strategy) game where quick decision making and rapid response to changing battlefield conditions are important. Example of ARTS games are Dota2, League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

If you think you’re someone who can master the ARTS then this scholarship is for you!​

What we give to scholars:

  • One Quad/Tri Elemental Distribution planet to start.
  • Depending on your performance we can either lend you one more planet or upgrade your planet to a Duo.
  • Education on the know-hows of the Godiverse.
  • Guidance on how to play and earn efficiently.

basic requirements to be a scholar:

  • Metamask wallet with Polygon Network installed.
  • Join the Apeiron Abridged and Apeiron Discord.
  • Creating a Marketplace account with our affiliate link (registering using this link will earn you extra game credits).

Why should you be an AA scholar (Academian)?

  • Apeiron Abridged is a team of dood-obsessed godlings who have been with Apeiron since Q1 2022. 
  • Some of the members already assisted on hosting on-ground events for Apeiron such as ESGS in the Philippines.
  • Some of the members are nominated leaders in the Apeiron community.
  • The team is full of dorks and nerds who are very passionate about the project.
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