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season 1

season 1

Speed run

  • SUMMARY – Short and straightforward. You are given 3 Depths (Stages) to clear. Once you clear them you get rewards (once) and you can restart the game again.
    • Campfire – Heal either your Avatar or Apostle and resurrect a random dead Apostle.
    • Shop – Sells potion for either avatar or apostle also sells an insta-revive potion
    • Normal Dungeon – You encounter boods to fight
    • Elite Dungeon – You encounter boods but on steroids to fight
  • AVATAR – Can only access Tempest Wisdom and skills up to Lvl20.
  • APOSTLES – Can only access 6 Apostles: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Priest & Guardian.
  • BOSS – Juggernaut, can be encountered twice. Battle till 50% HP at Depth 2 and defeat at Depth 3.
  • 500 ANIMUS – Non-tradeable ANIMA. Obtain 200 after clearing Depth 2 and 300 after clearing Depth 3.
tournaments / leaderboards
  • TIME ATTACK – Shortest time to clear all 3 depths. Rewards go to the Top 10.
  • LETRINA CUP – Speed run tournament for the Time Attack leaderboard’s top 12.
  • SKYDREAM SCRAMBLE – An inter-community guild war event. Rewards go to the Top 4 and the Top 5 – 10 secure a tournament spot for season 3.

season 2

season 2

infinity Run

  • SUMMARY – A more fleshed-out version of the Battle Mode. Unlike S1, clearing the game will give you a cycle count. Meaning you go back to Depth 1 but with stronger enemies. Leaderboard rankings will depend on who have the most cycles completed.
    • Campfire – Heal Avatar & Apostles, Revive a selected Apostle, Level up an Apostle [Fusion]
    • Shop – Additional selections such as Artifacts and buff Potions.
    • Event Room – Alignment dungeon, can give buffs or the option to gain items in exchange for a handicap. 
    • Normal & Elite Dungeon – Same as S1.
  • AVATARS – Unlocks 2 more classes. Fury [Melee] and Fate [Commander], each with their own skill tree.
  • ARTIFACTS – Obtainable through dungeons and provides buffs. Comes in different rarities (Common to Epic).
  • APOSTLE – Can only access 6 Apostles: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Priest & Guardian.
  • FUSION – Unlocks Apostle Fusion which enables you to combine duplicate apostles and strengthen a preferred skill. Skill pool will be increased from 3 to 8 (can only learn 3 at a time).
  • ANIMUS – 250
  • APOSTLE NFT [Not Origin]:
    • TBA

season 3

season 3


  • SUMMARY – Not much is known about Season 3 except that the much awaited PVP mode is unlocked. More details soon.

delve into the abyss of the dirac dungeons this season 2 AND MINT YOUR VERY OWN DOOD APOSTLE!


demo faqs

how to access
  1. Create an account in the Apeiron Marketplace
  2. Go to Battle Demo page and download the latest version
  3. Extract zip folder and launch Apeiron.exe
  4. Log in with your marketplace account and click enter

how to play

controls [keyboard]
  • Movement: WASD
  • Dash: Spacebar
  • Energized Skill: E
  • Select Skill Card: Keys 1 to 4
  • Use Potions: ZXC
controls [mouse]
  • Movement: Left-Click on Target Location
  • Dash: Spacebar Double Click on Target Location
  • Energized Skill: E
  • Select Skill Card: Left-Click + Hold on Card
  • Use Skill Card: Drag + Release

faqs [battle demo]

  • Can I play as much as I can using Guest Account? YES. But to obtain rewards need to consume a battle pass.
  • I died on x floor, will I start on depth 1? No, you’ll start on Depth 2. D1 is just a tutorial stage.
  • Is the progress shared between different classes? No.
  • What instances will I regenerate HP without using potions/campfire? Leveling up or reaching the Last Room in each depth.
  • Axis Mundi – Located on the center. The new player spawn point.
  • Mythological Galaxies – Surrounds the Axis Mundi. Seasonal content.
  • Celestial Waygates – Portal to high end content such as World Bosses and Raids.
  • The Conduit – In-game bulletin board.
  • Hourglass Coliseum – Ladderboards.
  • Quantum Stadium – eSports stadium.
  • The Manifold Paths of Dirac – Endless dungeon.
  • Meta-Void – Sounds dark but it’s a hangout space for players.
  • Cliffs of Veritas – Undisclosed. Dunno why. Ask the Lorekeeper.
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